Gator Detailing Products Uzi Signature Kit contains our most popular detailing tool and one of our best foaming Wash Soaps.  The UZI Foam Wash Gun – Signature Kit  comes with a 32oz Bottle of our Ultra High Foam & Finish Enhancing Sudz-N-Gloss Signature Wash Soap.


The UZi Foam Wash Gun is a revolutionary product that has already changed the Automotive Wash & Detail industry.  Professional Detailers are seeing that there is a dramatic reduction in the time and effort involved with manual hand washing. More importantly, they have also seen the quality of their own detailing work improve as it eliminates excessive scratches made by the standard brush and wash mitt bucket applications. Gator Detail’s UZi Foam Wash Gun will take your detailing skills to the next level, guaranteed.

Gator’s UZi Foam Wash Gun was developed to safely coat the entire surface of any vehicle with super thick foam without causing hundreds & thousands of scratches in the clear cost like every car wash brush does…..regardless of the brush’s condition, we assure you, it is scratching every stroke.
The UZi Foam Wash Gun was designed using the newest air-injected foam technology. Use it in conjunction with our Signature Foaming Car Wash Soap, SUDZ-N-GLOSS and the results are like a blizzard of shaving cream foam being sprayed evenly across the surface of your vehicle. The thick foam sudsing action of our SNG Signature Wash Soap allows it to cling to vertical surfaces for the longest period of time possible. Longer contact time, means that it can effectively break down more dirt and grime without the use of a brush or wash mitt.

Gator Detail Supply’s UZi Foam Wash Gun is constructed using the highest quality materials for use in professional settings with any pressure washer that has a quick connect fitting for interchangeable spray tips.  The revolutionary UZi Foam Wash Gun comes with solid brass Quick-Connect fittings, a rigid, sturdy, & refillable 1-Liter soap cartridge, a fully adjustable Stream-To-Fan adjustable style spray nozzle, and a dial for adjusting the quantity of soap to water output.

The UZi Foam Wash Gun is a revolutionary product that has already changed the Automotive Wash & Detail industry as Professional Detailers are seeing that there is a dramatic reduction in the time and effort needed to manually wash a vehicle.  More importantly, they have seen its undeniable results and by eliminating scratches and water spots that the old bucket method offered.  Gator Detail’s UZi Foam Wash Gun will take your detailing skills to the next level, guaranteed.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

1 Liter, 1 Gal


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