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Gator’s Showroom Shine is our #1 Selling Product because it performs unlike any other detailing product on the market. It’s innovative spray gloss was designed for one particular application – Final Finish Detailing. Clean and Gloss any painted, rubber, plastic, glass, chrome, mirror, granite, metal, or non-pores surface to produce a smooth, glossy, protective shine.

Gator’s Showroom Shine removes surface dust, dirt, bugs, fingerprints, light tar, grime, smudges, and it forms a water resistant, smear free, waxed like “Showroom” finish instantly without the need of extensive labor intensive rubbing. It also works as an amazing Clay Bar Lubricant for paint correction.  Safe for all finishes.


SHOWROOM SHINE has been one of Gator’s staple products for the last 30 years and it has been reformulated to produce a high gloss, waxed finish with superior hydrophobic properties.  SHOWROOM SHINE should be in every detailer’s arsenal of detailing products.  It is perfect for cleaning any non-porous surface of an automotive.  Use it to clean plastics, paint, metal, glass, chrome, aluminum, mirrors, and more.

To use SHOWROOM SHINE simply spray onto the surface, then immediately wipe and buff into the surface using a clean microfiber towel.  We recommend only using microfiber towels that have been designated specifically for Showroom Shine to get the best glossy finish possible.

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  1. Chazmonte2 (verified owner)

    The search is over for THE BEST detailing supplies! Showroom shine blew my expectations away with shine and depth it left behind. I will be a life time customer of Gator Detail! Thanks again

  2. Chase Bowers


    Congrats Chazmonte2! You have been selected as one of the winners for this month’s product reviews! Someone from our team will be reaching out to you to find out which 16oz bottle you would like or you can email us at

  3. shongremillion (verified owner)

    WOW!!! I have just found the last detail product I will ever have to buy. No more spending 3-4 hours hand waxing my truck. I was able to detail the whole thing in about 30 minutes and let me tell you, I have NEVER seen it shine the way it did after using this. My six year old truck shines better now then when it was new. Congrats, you have me hooked for life. Can’t wait to try out my other products from you.

  4. Chase Bowers


    Thanks for the review Shongremillion! We appreciate the feedback and product review!

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