This pad is made of a high intensity resin that gives the foam its special soft texture and fine cell structure. It easily adapts to curves and contours of both sport and vintage cars. Given its particular softness and conformability, it is especially effective in the finishing of high-gloss surfaces. It’s unique soft density makes it ideal for obtaining an ultragloss surface finish.


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For the finest “Show Car” finish possible, we suggest that you use a Rupes Bigfoot Random DA Polisher like the 21ES, Mark-II, or Mini-12mm.  These tools are the best choice for paint correction regardless of experience.

To complete the final “Show Car” step of Paint Correction you will want to use you Rupes Bigfoot Polisher with a Rupes Ultrafine White Pad combined with the Rupes Diamond Ultrafine Compound. This “Final Step” of Paint Correction is just that, Paint Correction…..during Paint Correction, the goal is to perfect the clear coat as much as possible by shaving off the top layer of clear coat (on a microscopic level) where all of the spiderwebs, micro scratches, etc are able to reffect light making super fine scratches visible to the human eye.

The reason taking your time during the final stages of paint correction is so important is simply due to the fact that you will then be able to protect the “Perfected” clear coat by applying Paint Protection products that the average enthusiast & hobbyist are familiar with…… such as the Pro Polymer II Paint Sealant, La Cera Amarilla Wax, or Velocity Glaze.

As a balanced tool, the Rupes Bigfoot Polisher was made to be the safest and most effective way to conduct Paint Correction……but being a balanced tool is the key.  This is why we stress the importance of using the pad and compound that was designed for the tool as the pad was made to work with the compound and be effective but at the same time, it is the correct weight for the tool so it will not create a violent unbalanced action if used as directed.

Using a different compound not designed for the size of the Rupes Coarse Blue Foam Pad’s cell structure could easily create an unbalanced tool.  If you examine the Blue Pad’s cell structure you will notice that the foam cells are much larger in size and more coarse than any other foam pad on the market.

Using a compound with an abrasive too small for a pad’s cell structure was designed for, could mean that the abrasives will collect, dry, and used up deep with in the pad’s foam body.  This will result in the pad becoming heavier than it was designed to be in order to balance the Rupes Bigfoot Polisher Random Dual Action Movement……an unbalanced tool will cause poor paint correction results and shorten the life of your Rupes tool significantly.

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100mm, 180mm, 70mm, 40mm


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