Gator’s Lube Job is a Professional Grade Premium Clay Bar Lubricant and Clay Bar Conditioner in one.  It is an ultra slick lubricant formulated specifically formulated to enhance the performance of our Magna-Shine Clay Bars as well as any other automotive clay bar on the market.  Lube Job’s lubricating spray covers your the surface of your vehicle with lubricating agents and polymers which prevent scratches and it also contains a conditioning agent to make your clay bar last longer and perform better, unlike other products on the market and even water, or car wash soaps.  High alkaline soaps and hard water will only dry out the clay bar forcing you to buy a new one within a short period of time.  Therefore, soapy water is not suitable substitute as a clay bar lubricant.


Apply Gator’s Lube Job Clay Lubricant Spray onto the surface of the paint and directly onto the clay bar before starting and you will notice that the effort is minimal with long lasting results as you work your way over the entire surface. A single spray onto the bar itself before putting it back in its container for storage will help keep your Magna-Shine Clay Bar in good condition for the next use.

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