Gator’s Atomic Gator is one of the strongest and most concentrated Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaners on the market and its safe for nearly all wheel finishes.



Atomic Gator is a Flourescent Foaming Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner that works on Painted, Powder Coated, Chrome, Alloy, Magnesium, and Aluminum Wheels as well as Tires and Wheel Wells making it the go to product for cleaning those four areas of your ride.   Atomic Gator works to break down and remove heavy contaminates such as road grime, brake dust, all types of mud, grease, and more.

Whether your wheels stay on the pavement or you are going off-road into the mud pits, Atomic Gator is the full send of Wheel Cleaners.  Atomic Gator also has a unique fluorescent  yellow foaming action helping you to see where your wheels and tires have been treated.  For best results we recommend using IK’s MultiPro 2 Foamer or Gator’s Foam Uzi Wash Gun.

To use Atomic Gator, simply dilute according to your needs.  Wet the wheel with cold water because you do not want to let any chemical dry on the finished surface.  Use either a pressure washer to clean after agitating with a wheel brush and wash mitt, or simply rinse of everything that Atomic Gator broke down.  Take it to the next wheel and tire, then repeat.

Discretionary note, it will clean Polished Aluminum Wheels but not without the need for repolishing.

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16oz, 32oz, 1 Gallon